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At FCBC Sports Video, we’re all about taking care of Football Coaches.  That is why we named the Company FCBC ... For Coaches By Coaches. The Executive Team has over 100 years combined coaching experience in Texas High School Football.  Thanks for visiting our Website and we look forward to serving you and your staff.

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We offer an extremly easy to use video player coupled with the power of being able to watch Full HD Video one frame at a time. NO ONE ELSE in the sports video industry does this. We offer a simple easy to use product that makes studying video easier than ever before. The Dashboard and GPS allow you to get to the tendencies of your opponent quicker than ever.

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All you need to do is choose the format you want your video encoded in and drop the correct angle in the assigned spot and the FCBC Editor does the rest.  Data can be entered manually or imported from a spread sheet. The sheet can be downloaded from HUDL or simply typed into excel. It is then saved and imported directly into the FCBC Editor.


FCBC Dashboard

The Dashboard takes you to the Information that you want to know right now. All the fields have a visual chart associated with them. The power of the Dashboard is with one click you are watching the specific video to that data in Full HD.



The FCBC GPS gets you where you want to go. Every category that you breakdown is displayed in one place so that you can analyze all the data you need to develop your Game Plan. The Beauty of the GPS is that you have instant Full HD Video of whatever data you are breaking down. The GPS is Revolutionary in helping Coaches determine the tendencies of their opponents.

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State Champion Clients


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Aledo HS

5A Division 2


Highland Park HS

5A Division 1


Desoto HS

6A Division 1


Surfer Silhouette

Coach James and Marla Farnsley



Lead Programmer

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Meet the Management

Motivators, Educators, Mentors

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Coach Bobby Vadnais

VP of Sales & Marketing

Coach Chuck Aston

VP of Support

Coach David Coker

VP of Quality Control

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Answers to All Your Inquiries

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Do I have to do the work twice if I am using HUDL?

No, you can simply export the data out of HUDL and import it into FCBC in a matter of seconds. While the video is being uploaded to the cloud for HUDL it is being rendered into Full HD video for FCBC. Once rendered it will be ODK'd in minutes and you are ready to watch it and use the GPS.

Is there a difference in video quality of FCBC and HUDL?

All Video is being shot in HD quality. The video once uploaded to HUDL is compressed to standard definition. FCBC can render your Video in 720P, 1080P or even 4K! There is a Big difference when watching on a Flat screen or HD Projector.

What kind of training do the coaches need?

All FCBC Software is installed onsite and trained onsite. A custom Profile is set up for your offensive staff as well as your Defensive Staff. During the season there is 24/7 Support. We are here to Partner with Coaching Staffs on getting you the information you need to Game Plan as quickly as possible.

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